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What is that fancy pool cleaner REALLY costing you?

Happy Monday everyone! As you sip your morning joe, I'll bet you're wondering what the topic on this beautiful rainy-forcast day is - well, you need wait no longer! Today I'll cover pool cleaners, why they're great, why they're not, and which one is best for you. So stick around and let me 'learn ya somethin'!

There are loads of different pool cleaners ranging from the relatively inexpensive to "OMG! For that price, will it do my dishes too??". But no matter which one you choose, know that there are pros and cons to them all. I'll go ahead and tell you that I'm partial to the standalone units like the Tigershark and Dophin but like I said, there are many, many different kinds and each one is made specifically for your type of pool. So let's dive in....pun intended.

Suction Cleaners:

Here we have the most traditional and the most affordable. Suction cleaners, like the Polaris Vac Sweep, rely on an extra return, or "jet", in the pool that provides the pressure necessary to spin the vacuum fan inside. They are great for smaller and/or budget pools because they don't need to cover as much area. To get the most out of a system like this one, you will need what's called a "booster" pump to help your main pump maintain proper pressure and allow the pool to continue circulating.

Pros: Affordability, Reliability, Does a decent job

Cons: Needs booster pump, Stirs up debris, gets tangled easily

Automatic/Robot Cleaners:

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from the suction cleaners, we have the robotic cleaners. They offer a whole new set of features than the traditional cleaners of the past. First off, they have an on-board computer system that allows them to clean the pool better, and with more efficiency. Some even have hardware that allows the unit to know where it's been in your pool and where it has left to go - even more efficient. Second, unlike the base model cleaners, the robotic cleaners will literally climb the walls for a much more thorough clean. Depending on the brand and model you select, after tax you can expect to set yourself back at least a grand. With these type units you really have to pay attention to the front and rear rollers/tracks. Like any material, they tend to wear out and can cause "scarring" on your liner - where debris lodged in the roller brushes or the roller brush itself dry rots and causes scratch-marks on the liner pattern. I typically just replace the rollers at the beginning of every season, and at ~$30 a pop, it's well worth the seasonal expense.

P.S.: Although you can get them for roughly the same price online as through your local pool store, if anything goes wrong your local pool store knows how to deal with the warranty, saving you the headache of having to go directly through the product company - in other words, purchase from your local store!

Pros: More Thorough Clean, Standalone Unit

Cons: More Expensive, Can Scratch Liner

As always, do your research before you decide to go basic or all out. But if you have any questions or need any assistance, please call us and we can help. Have a great day and get out there and swim!

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